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Kinesiology / Personal Training

It’s well known that optimal personal fitness improves general health and wellness.
Recent medical studies also report a scientific link between active exercise and optimal injury recovery. Our kinesiologist, Jeremy Coles, works closely with his clients helping them to improve, manage and increase their overall fitness and physical performance in order to prevent and treat injury or illness.

With over 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry and in personal
training, including personal successes on the local and international powerlifting scene, Jeremy has first hand experience in the rigors of exercise, injury and recovery. Having successfully completed a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy, Jeremy works 1-on-1 with his clients, creating a personalized plan to safely and effectively reach their goals, either improving personal fitness levels, enhancing performance for sport or progressing your rehabilitation or integration back to work.


Kinesiology focuses on human movement and exercise science, helping with:

  • the prevention of injury or chronic disease (cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain mental health conditions).
  • the management of injuries and musculoskeletal disorders such as strains, sprains
    or chronic dysfunctions
  • improving performance, function, health and overall quality of life and well-being through movement and exercise in people of all ages, level of function and physical abilities


You can contact Jeremy at jcoles@riversidewellness.ca

To book an appointment contact  (709) 757 3310 or info@riversidewellness.ca


To book an appointment, call Suzanne at 709-757-3310

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