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Nichole Adams
(MScPT, MScKin, BScKin)

Nichole is originally from St. John’s, NL. She completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at Memorial
University in 2009.  She then completed a Masters of Sport Psychology at Memorial University.  Her
thesis focused on university athlete’s participation and experience through sport involvement.

Throughout these university endeavors, Nichole played for Memorial University’s Women’s Soccer Team
for five years, and pursed an everlasting passion for running.
Her interest in health and wellness, set her on her journey for her completion of a Masters in
Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University. Following her completion in 2014, she happily moved back to St.
John’s to start her career with Eastern Health. During the initial years, she also worked privately to gain
experience in both public and private practice. She likes diversity of clientele, and was eager to develop
experience in a variety of assessment and treatment areas.

Nichole’s interests at Eastern Health allowed her a variety of exposures in neurological, orthopedic and
surgical conditions. She has been able to diversify to gain experience in the assessment and treatments
of amputees, patients after stroke and spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative conditions, general
conditioning and overall pain management/education. She has had experience in some pediatric
conditions, predominately in relation to orthopedic injuries and education.

Nichole’s passion is running, hiking, biking, cross training and essentially anything that gets her moving!
Daily exercise is considered a non-negotiable. She personally understands the impact daily movement,
in all of its forms, has on physical and mental health! She has had a wide involvement in sport, ranging
from soccer, volleyball, basketball, figure skating, rowing, tennis, pilates, yoga, tai chi, and more. She is
committed to applying the principles of her practice and developing an in-depth understanding of your
sport or commitment, to best assist you in attaining your goals.

For Nichole, running choose her. She began to run in her late teen years, and began to increase the
frequency as her competitive soccer participation began to diminish. It was all history from there!
Nichole believes there is an exercise or movement for everyone. It is finding what fits you and the ways
you stick with it, to reap the benefits of daily positivity and brightness.  With this commitment, often comes injury. However, Nichole wishes to be available to not only help you with injury, but to focus on reoccurrence. Through specific exercise and treatment programs she believes we can work together to be proactive in preparing our bodies to best handle the demands we place upon them daily. Sometimes training the right muscle group can go a long way in preventing an injury breakdown sometime down the road!

We learn from experience and we learn from education. Nichole is eager to work with each of her
clients to determine their individual goal(s), and to determine how she can assist each individual to
achieve their goal(s) in the most timely and attainable manner.


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