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What is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset?

RAPID is a type of massage that treats aches and pains by focusing on the nerves rather than muscle tissue. It’s a lotion-free technique, so the client remains clothed, and the treatment is movement-based to encourage the client to perform active motion. Everyone sits on a different pain spectrum, whether it’s having a hangnail vs a broken bone vs fibromyalgia. When you feel pain, whether it’s something slight or sharp, a recent and acute injury, or something that’s long-term and chronic, that pain sensation is coming from nerves that are excessively sensitive. What is normally expected is that when the brain processes this sensory information it reacts by kicking off an inflammatory response to start healing: your immune cells come flushing in and cause swelling to occur to protect and clean the area, but sometimes they aren’t flushed out and they end up contributing more to that increased nerve sensitivity. Your body then reacts by locking down tissues, causing a cascade effect starting with muscle tightness and restriction,  weakness, compensatory movements, bad movement habits and even more pain. The purpose of RAPID is to reset that nerve hypersensitivity back to neutral. RAPID works by exciting the nerves again to re-create that inflammatory process but make it better: it increases tissue hydration to allow them to slide and glide again, it cleans out the cells that are causing hypersensitivity to the nerves and it activates the body’s natural morphines for pain relief. The intensity of the technique along with the client’s active movements allows the body to downgrade the pain and reprogram the sensory information processed by the brain. This then causes an immediate change in how the body responds to what it’s now feeling. It’s for this reason that treatment lengths are shorter and the results last longer. Since RAPID mainly targets pain and restrictions in the body, and pain is not exclusive to any specific persons, RAPID can be used on just about everyone: from babies to pregnant women to the elderly, from super active athletes to those with more sedentary lifestyles. The intensity of the treatment is adjusted to each client, and modifications can easily be made for mobility issues. The technique also doesn’t physically alter tissues, it’s just changing the information from the nerves, so it’s able to be used for many conditions and contributes greatly to faster healing.  

What are the benefits?

RAPID offers the practitioner the ability to successfully treat the most complex painful musculoskeletal complaints that mainstream medicine offers little help for such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bursitis, frozen shoulder, Baker’s cysts, back pain, migraines, TMJ-D, vertigo, tinnitus, arthritis, knee pain, golfer’s and tennis elbow and so much more.  

When and where did it originate?

RAPID was developed by Canadian Massage Therapists Robert and Sherry Routledge who have been successfully using their method to treat patients for well over a decade. Their goal as teachers is to empower other therapists to gain a new level of clinical success with their most challenging patients. RAPID helps the therapist to gain patient compliance by quickly eliminating even the most painful issues in their clients.  

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To book an appointment, call 709-757-3310

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