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What Makes Us Different

Our hands do the talking

Our physiotherapists have advanced training in manual therapy including mobilization and manipulation techniques to ensure you get the best hands-on treatment possible. 

As well, they have advanced training in exercise therapy ensuring you receive the most optimal exercise programs to either enhance your strength, your endurance or further improve your function. 

No matter what your issue is, we will ensure that you receive the approach that is right for you with our goal to obtain your functional independence through excellence in education, manual therapy, and exercise.

Advanced education

Our physiotherapists have completed extensive post-graduate education attaining internationally recognized qualifications in hands-on manual- and manipulative therapy.  We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge in orthopedics and sports injury as well as therapeutic exercise.  Staying current with the latest developments in rehabilitation allows us to offer the best possible treatment, improved quality of care and better results.

We offer advanced clinical expertise and training in hands-on treatments, to help you:

  • GET BETTER using techniques that meet international standards.
  • RECOVER FASTER since we find and target the root cause.
  • STAY HEALTHIER by educating you about their condition to reduce relapse.

We provide focused treatment based on research-guided techniques that speed up your recovery while educating you about your condition to reduce the risk of relapse.

Experience, experience, experience

Our therapists have treated thousands of patients with a large variety of injuries and problems.  We have extensive backgrounds in working with high level acrobatic- and gymnastic athletes as well as recreational- and competitive-based athletes such running, track & field, soccer, hockey, swimming etc.

Our therapists have worked in settings that included being an active part of a multi-disciplinary team, have experience in leading rehabilitative programs as well as covering on-field management of athletes and performers.

For more details on our individual therapists’ experience please refer to “Our Team’s Experience”

Treating the cause, not just your symptoms

Your body’s way of moving is an engineering marvel.  It is a complex interaction of multiple systems that sometimes work independently but more often work collectively as a group.   If one of this complex system’s components stops working efficiently, it can have a failing effect onto other components in this system. 

Therefore the pain you are experiencing from a tendinitis may very well be the result from other muscle(s) being weak or inefficient.  While the tendinitis needs to be addressed, not addressing the weak structure as the root cause of your tendinitis would lead to poor recovery and a higher chance of the tendinitis re-occurring.

Our therapists are trained in the precision required to identify and correct the problem within a dysfunctional system through the application of highly skilled hands-on assessment and treatment.

Sport/Injury specific individualized exercise programs

One-on-one exercise sessions are focused on exposing you to a wider variety of exercises that can help your condition, give you further feedback regarding proper form for your home exercises, and make doing your exercises more motivating.

Sessions can be used to transition people back to workouts at the gym after an injury, help patients for a return to work or give patients a safe fitness program for home.

Our therapists are skilled at identifying any movement – or muscular impairment and are able to identify faulty alignment, form, movement patterns or muscle imbalances that can contribute to poor and painful posture. Correcting these issues will improve or help prevent musculoskeletal pain.

Our therapists are well equipped to custom-design an exercise program specific to your needs and goals. Your exercise program will be regularly reviewed and progressed to ensure that you are working as efficiently as possible towards your goals.  We strive to challenge your physical limits and so reach your optimal potential, recovery and function.


Our Location

We are proud that we were able to successfully convert one of St. John’s grandest, historic estates in the heart Waterford River Valley into a comfortable, private and beautiful rehabilitative clinic space. 

From the entrance hall reception area to our private, quiet treatment rooms to the spacious and inviting gym-area, our clinic is a blend of old world charm mixed with the very latest in therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and exercise.

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