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Sport/Injury Specific
Assessment & Treatments

Our physiotherapists are able to manage athletes of all abilities, provide treatment, guidance and education before, during and after sport activity, and manage all aspects of sports injury rehabilitation.

Having your injury treated to the point of alleviating pain and improved function is one thing but this may not be enough for ensuring optimal performance specific to your sport activity.  Our therapists have vast experience in progressing your rehabilitation- or strengthening program specific to the requirements and rigours of your recreational- or competitive sport.


   Athletic Screening/Running Assessments

For athletes or individuals beginning a new activity or trying to advance in a current activity, an assessment of how your body moves  (your biomechanics) can be critical in preventing injuries and optimizing training programs and performance.

Injured runners or people interested in start running for the first time can see us for an assessment of their running pattern and the strength of muscles and flexibility/ stability of their joints relevant to proper running form.

General guidelines about training programs can be provided for those new to running and those trying to adjust their running due to an injury.

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